Yoga Classes for Men in Ramsbottom

The classes are for just for men, incorporating the best of yoga, Pilates, old-school callisthenics and rehab exercises. 

It's set to a themed soundtrack from classic rock to Ska classics (and everything inbetween) and there's nothing "Namaste" about it - it's just a load of guys getting along and working on their strength and flexibility. 

There are two classes; 6.30 and 7.30, but for your first time you'll need to join the 6.30 class to get the basics down. 

Classes are £7.50 each, and your first session is free. 
You can also pre-pay 10 sessions and get an additional 2 sessions free (total 12).

You'll need: 
1. loose comfy clothes (usually shorts and T-shirt)
2. a towel (for sweat)
3. a drink of water and 
4. a yoga mat (if you don't have one you can use one of mine til you get your own).

How to book:
call or text 07737 866432 to book your spot, or send a message using the contact us form.

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